"The Difference is in Roast"

New Beginnings


Its the bittersweet feeling as we move forward into these next chapters. We are looking forward to having you join us as we start operations at the Roast House and Farm in La Salle!
We are so thrilled to see you on our new website, Welcome! Below is a list of all the changes happening as we began to unfold our new ventures. You'll find links to connect with us through different social media channels and you tube. Here on the website you'll be able to order all your favorite take home items and have them delivered directly to your door/office. Don't forget to join the community newsletter to be the first to know about product releases, lastest updates and catch us streaming live!
Opening in the fall of 2011 none of our achievements could have been possible without each of our customers and dedicated team throughout these years.
We are so thankful for you and can promise to keep to providing best in class products for you to enjoy at home!

In 2011, our idea began right here in Monroe, Michigan. Our ultimate dream was evident from the start: to uncover the absolute best raw coffee to roast and offer loose leaf teas sourced from dedicated farmers and tea pureveyors all around the world that everyone could enjoy in one place. We also wanted to curate the perfect pairing of eats to go with your favorite drink. Opening Agua Dulce cafe has become a place to clear your mind in the sensational tastes and wonders of handcrafted beverages and treats.

Located in the heart of Downtown Monroe embark on a sensory voyage with our unparalleled collection of loose leaf teas, procured passionately from the farthest corners of the earth. Discover an array of categories in flavor and essence.

You'll discover some of the freshest locally roasted coffee from Frenchtown Roasters sourcing organic and convential single origin, curated signature blends imported from some of the best coffee farmers around the world.

Unwind in the cafe or escape into serenity within the comfort of your own space – every cup is an invitation to embrace elegance and wellbeing.

  • Passion For Quality

    With a deep commitment to quality, we meticulously choose and craft premium coffees, teas, and honey. Our passion and dedication drive us to reveal the authentic story and journey behind these most cherished traditions.

  • Agua Dulce means "Sweet Water"

    Explore our Organic and Traditional Lists for the perfect tea & coffee. Indulge in a world of exquisite flavors and aromas with our organic and traditional options.

  • Our Dedication

    Our focus is to offer a journey created to be a perfect place to find relaxation and enjoyment through your everyday beverages